Transform yourself and your life! Discover your innate wisdom and spirit to create a meaningful, joyful and loveful life

Mandi is a Transformational Coach, Energy Intuitive and Spirit Channel with more than 20 years experience. She connects with the infinite realm to heal, shift and transform peoples lives. 

Mandi's clients include anyone wanting to experience liberation from old wounds and limited ways of being; achieve greater love and personal success; awaken from deep grief to claim joy, peace and hope for their future.  

Here is what some of her clients have to say about working with her: 

Athie felt stuck and disconnected for a while, and lacking in direction. After just one session with Mandi, she experienced greater clarity and liberation from what was holding her back. 

A few hours after seeing Mandi I found myself dancing in my kitchen to a favourite playlist. I never do that! I enjoyed this so much it won't be the last time either. The work I did with Mandi was deeply emotional but an awakening too and I'm much more confident in moving forward with what I know I need to do now. I realise now I needed to learn how to listen and acknowledge the signals my whole body has been sending - I was hearing them but not responding to the wisdom being offered by my very own self. I'm so focused now - thank you Mandi.

Grace's brother-in-law passed suddenly, leaving the whole family in deep shock and grief. Mandi was asked to visit the family home five days after the event...this is what the family shared about her visit. 

“Two weeks ago, my beautiful brother-in-law died suddenly, we think from a massive heart attack. It was his first and he had had no diagnosis of heart condition, so we have all experienced this as a massive shock.

Five days after the event, Mandi came to the family home and performed a channeling at our request, with my sister, their two adult daughters, and myself. It lasted for 1.5 hours and was absolutely amazing. It allowed everyone the chance to say goodbye that they had not had. There were many tears, and a LOT of reassurance. Many of our greatest fears and regrets were put to rest. There were many, many moments when Mandi described images that ‘he is showing me’ and just repeated words that ‘he is saying’ that were unmistakably in the phrases and personality of this unique man.

As well as beautiful, personal words of love and thanks to his family, he spoke of 'what he can see from where he is now' and that his passing was absolutely destined and on purpose. In the two nights before this event, the family had been able to talk about memories and able to laugh for the first time, it was as if we were over the worst of the shock and loss. Since then, his Mother, Sister and her daughters have also visited Mandi for a one 1 hours channeling and shared the recording with us. Again, a profound and beautiful experience. 

There have continued to be tears, but together we are all in ‘better shape’.

We are just so grateful for the support that Mandi provided in both these times of need. This woman has a gift to connect you with the 'Mystery' and she delivers it with compassion and humility - an experience that takes you beyond everyday life."

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