Energy Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor and Transformational Coach Mandi supports individuals to navigate their way through the human experience.  

Mandi works on behalf of spirit and closely with her spirit team - ascended masters, angels, spirit guides and loved ones.  Each session is tailored to your needs and occurs in a safe and secure environment. 

Mandi works in the realm of 'One Medicine', knowing that the quality of ones life experience is directly related to the degree to which we trust life. And, trusting life comes from knowing Who You Are!

"People ask me how sessions work, I tell them I show up and you show up and then we see what happens. Over the years I've come to trust what occurs for each client because I've seen the results.  

It's always been important to me that clients get to experience themselves beyond concept, construct and identification and that our time together is not merely a band-aid to hurts but a much deeper occurrence and healing."

Mandi has helped many people discover and develop their own authentic powerful presence and inner alignment, enabling them to:


Discover and experience who we truly are and why we are here


Experience profound clarity around goals and purpose


Connect with loved ones in spirit to receive comfort, love and insight


Experience liberation from wounds and limited ways of being


Access their own innate wisdom


Experience liberation from wounds and limited ways of being

What some of my clients have to say:

I saw Mandi 2 days ago (July 2017) and the session with her was everything that was needed for me at the time. Mandi's connection with the spirit world and her way of relaying it back to the receiver (me) is impacting and heart warming. 

I am thankful in words that can't be described, so my life to be lived, will be the expression of my thanks. 

Daniel Marriner

A few hours after seeing Mandi I found myself dancing in my kitchen to a favourite playlist. I never do that! I enjoyed this so much it won't be the last time either. The work I did with Mandi was deeply emotional but an awakening too and I'm much more confident in moving forward with what I know I need to do now. I realise now I needed to learn how to listen and acknowledge the signals my whole body has been sending - I was hearing them but not responding to the wisdom being offered by my very own self. I'm so focused now - thank you Mandi.

Athie Chambers

I have had the opportunity to be blessed with Mandi’s love, trust, guidance and wisdom on a few occasions now. Every session different, taking me deeper to my core, holding me in a loving space and sharing with me her wisdom. Mandi doesn’t just channel, she doesn’t just share insights to your path and journey. She intuitively encourages you to explore your shadow and light, coaches you through the hard parts with practical assistance and continually surrounds you in the most amazing light and love. Every session I learn something about myself, about my journey, about my purpose and the inter connectedness of us all. Its like I'm transported to another beautiful realm just for a little while.. I can’t thank her enough for her humble generosity and for sharing her gift with the world.

Kirsten Shearn

I had an incredible experience with Mandi. I truly feel I understand my life purpose now, and also all the decisions that i have made in the past. Mandi is wonderfully gentle and respectful, whilst being one of the most powerful people I have ever met. I have no hesitation in recommending Mandi, she is caring and committed to your journey and has so much knowledge to share. 

Nina Graham

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